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Yeldall Manor is a rehabilitation centre, which for nearly 40 years has been helping men overcome their drug and alcohol addictions and return to society to live new lives; drug, alcohol and crime free.


The Yeldall Manor First-Stage Programme is a rehabilitation programme, lasting 12-24 weeks, which combines counselling, group sessions and work in the house/grounds. At Yeldall Manor, residents find a place where the staff and other residents welcome and accept them. We try to be like a family and, like good parents, offer both love and discipline. Because the life of an addict is very chaotic, days in rehab are quite structured to help them bring order back into their lives.

Yeldall Manor is a Christian organisation, as we believe that the best means of achieving rehabilitation is through discipleship to Jesus Christ. However, residents do not have to be Christian to join the programme, and we never insist, or force such a commitment upon anyone.  Work is an important part of the programme – helping in the grounds, maintenance of the house or the kitchen. Some of our residents haven’t held down a job before, so they have to learn to take orders (sometimes from staff younger than themselves), to do jobs that they may not enjoy and to work as a team, as well as learning new skills (like horticulture, chain-sawing or cooking).

Counselling and group sessions provide the ‘therapy’ in the programme and help our residents face up to problems in their lives, which have often been ‘hidden’ by the drinking or drug-taking; many suffered childhood abuse or other traumas which need to be gently addressed.

Following successful completion of this programme, all residents have the opportunity to join the 18-24 week Yeldall Lodge Second-Stage Programme. This helps residents prepare for life outside Yeldall, with voluntary work, training courses and separate supported accommodation.  Residents live in one of two self-contained flats in the 10-bed Lodge, which is a separate building on the Yeldall Manor site. Throughout this programme residents learn to live more independently and are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning and washing.  Residents receive help with finding voluntary work placements, which they attend two days a week in order to gain further work experience and help prepare them for permanent work once they complete the programme. We also provide groups in areas such as relapse prevention, life skills, budgeting, relationship building, healthy eating and nutrition.

On completing the Second-Stage, residents have the opportunity to benefit from the Yeldall Third-Stage Programme, which can offer supported housing and/or voluntary work/training with our Grounds Maintenance Services as the men start to resettle back into the community. At this stage and beyond, our ex-residents receive on-going support from our Aftercare team.


Rehabilitation is not easy, but it is effective. During our latest monitoring period, of those that completed both programmes between six and eighteen months ago, currently over 90% continue to live drug/alcohol-free and most are working in either a paid or a voluntary capacity.


How you can help Yeldall Manor

There are three main ways you can help Yedall Manor with their work; you can volunteer your time and talents, donate money and pray.  You can find all about these at their website.