What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing online platform.  Launched in May 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.   YouTube provides a forum for people to share, connect with and inspire others across the globe.  As part of the google organisation it is easy to upload videos and even easier to watch other peoples’.


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What are the benefits of YouTube?


YouTube is the perfect place to share edited videos of events; catching the excitement and atmosphere to let others see and encourage them to get involved.


YouTube has made videos as advertising even more popular than they ever were before.  If you want more people to know about what you are doing, make a video; if you are looking for donations, make a video; if you want to spread the message, make a video.  It is the most popular form of social media for teenagers and children and many of them are getting involved by vlogging their lives.

Sharing Sermons

And for the more mainstream you can video your sermons, or perhaps just sections of them, get them onto YouTube and link them to your website and other social media platforms.



How to get onto YouTube

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that YouTube have a range of videos to help you join, set up, upload and comment on videos.  Rather than try to do similar ourselves we suggest you click here for a step by step guide.


Online Mission

Online Mission: Would you like some training?
We are putting together a one day workshop to increase your confidence and use of social media. We are keeping the cost of as low as possible and expect it to be £25. This day will be entirely practical, allowing participants to learn from the experience of creating a video, uploading it to YouTube, Tweeting about it and sharing it on Facebook. Fill in the form below if you would like to be kept informed or have any questions about what the day.