Go Here Bottle Top is a theatre community that works alongside those who feel socially isolated. Our aim is to build community, confidence and skills.

this “Working within a variety of different settings and having come from very different backgrounds our practitioners are all passionate about the use of drama to help challenge, engage, and help those they are working with to develop new skills and confidence. On a weekly basis we could be working in drop in centres for people who are homeless or unemployed, in schools, or running evening workshops.

We refer to ourselves as a Creative Committed Community. By this we understand ourselves to place importance and emphasis on creativity, in whatever form it comes in. We believe absolutely in no uncertain terms that EVERYONE is or has the ability to be creative. Commitment from our members and indeed our practitioners is important. A commitment to turn up on time, to try our best and support one another. This is where community comes in. Belonging is vital for us all, and therefore we invite our members to belong to our community, to be involved and to contribute in what ever form that takes.”


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