Today our lives are run at such a hectic speed, and often we live in communities with little local extended family.  There is much evidence that healthy relationships, and a sense of personal well-being are core to a healthy society. Pilot Light Trust seeks to play a part in East Reading and Wokingham District in helping support a healthy society underpinned with strong relationships in the family and across the community.

“The free support we offer is in a number of specific areas:

Counselling and listening – Do you have worries and feel you have no-one to turn to?  We can provide a listening ear for your personal and relationship problems and counselling to help you find ways of dealing with these problems.

Debt counselling and budgeting advice – Do you need help in managing your financial situation and/or putting in place a plan to settle your debts? Call us for help in handling your financial affairs.

Woodley Food Store – An emergency Food Store/ Food Bank for people in a time of crisis.”

This plea to help with funding comes from the Woodley Food Bank

“We really struggle to find any grant-givers and businesses that will support our charity (which is ironic as the people living in our community are incredibly generous with food donations!!). So it is really important to secure as many financial gifts as we can.  Galaxy Hot Chocolate are giving grants to charities and so we have applied. But whether we will receive a grant is totally reliant on how many votes we get.  So please please please take a moment to follow this link and vote for Woodley Food Bank to receive one of their £300 grants. You can vote once a week from each email address you own so don’t be shy, please keep following the link to get as many votes counted as possible.…/profi…/woodley-food-bank


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