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Date: March 2, 2017

Lent 2017 Day 2: REinspired

REinspired deliver RE sessions on Christian topics in the local RE syllabus that range from Christmas and Easter sessions that you might expect, to more challenging topics such as Death and Difficult Questions.

“For primary schools these sessions are delivered in church if possible, but some work equally well in a school hall. Sometimes we present to whole year groups rather than a class at a time.

For secondary schools the sessions are delivered in the classroom or hall and given by topic to each class within a year group.

We now have around over 60 off-the-shelf sessions that are fast moving, multi-sensory and use a variety of learning strategies. Sessions may involve a mix of whole year and small group activities and include:

Film Clips
Handling artefacts
Every session is planned in detail and discussed with school staff beforehand. Our instructions and background notes explain what’s needed from team leaders and volunteers during every activity.

We happily work with teachers to tailor sessions to meet specific learning objectives and develop new sessions to meet the way individual schools implement the local RE syllabus.

We also work with school RE coordinators to ensure the programme of sessions we deliver offers a progressive exploration of the key concepts of Christianity as children move through the school.

That’s the nuts and bolts of what we do.”


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Lent 2017 Day 1: First Days Charity

First Days is a charity based in Woodley started by Emma Cantrell who is now Chair of Trustees.   She wrote “Mother Theresa, on one of her last trips to the UK, commented on how hard it is to live in poverty in a rich country. This is increasingly apparent, especially when it comes to getting all the essential items together to care for a new baby and a young family. The latest annual report from the UK’s largest friendly society, LV= (research by The Centre for Economics and Business Research), reveals that on average new parents face a £9,152 bill during the first twelve months of their new baby’s life, taking into account expenditure on equipment such as buggies, cots and prams etc. These costs are far out of reach for many families in Wokingham borough. These families rely on hand-downs from others and their babies often go without the most basic equipment or are forced to use unsafe items or get themselves into debt to provide for their family.

First Days aims to provide those who most need it in Wokingham Borough with baby equipment, clothes, furniture, toys and essential items, which have been donated by others in the community.”

First Days relies on the support of volunteers in everything they do for local families. They are always looking for new volunteers to help! There is always something you can do.  If you want to be part of a fun, exciting team in a brilliant and growing new charity then get in touch with them today – they are waiting to hear from you.

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Post Script:

After celebrating and praying for First Days on 1st March it was wonderful to see the First Days Boutique open for the first time on 2nd March.  First Days Boutique is a new unique charity shop in Crowthorne, Berkshire.  You can find them tweeting at and they’d love you to visit them I’m sure.







Lent 2017: Celebrating Wokingham Borough Charities

Each day during lent this year we will be celebrating and praying for a charity in Wokingham Borough which makes a huge difference in the lives of local people.  A tweet will be sent; a facebook post created and an article written right here.  Please share these charities across your networks; you never know who might need them, have time to spare to help them or be looking for a new charity to donate money to.

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